Taking a product from ideation to the shelves can take years, sometimes decades.

But for the The Wonderful Company, a brand best known Fiji Water and Wonderful Pistachios, it took a matter of months.

The new product is a striking-looking wine range called JNSQ which is causing a stir amongst millennial rosé and sauvignon blanc drinkers.

picture of JNSQ wine

“We wanted a bottle that stood out on the shelf in a way that said, ‘Nobody’s ever done a wine like this before”’.

-Darren Moran, Wonderful Agency CCO

To promote its release, The Wonderful Company adopted a multi-channel campaign born out of insights gathered from research into the preferences of millennial women.

The resulting campaign skillfully combines print and billboard advertising with digital amplification to project its message of luxuriousness, beauty, and female independence.

Here’s why The Wonderful Company’s JNSQ launch campaign is our February campaign of the month.

The Insight

JNSQ is a shining example of consumer insights in action.

The Wonderful Company built its brand and campaign on two fundamental truths it unearthed about female millennials:

1. They appreciate quality and beauty.

JNSQ projects an image of quality, beauty and timelessness through its messaging.

The brands co-owner, Lynda Resnick, said in a statement:

“millennial women and older Gen-Zers are bringing back an appreciation for quality, craftsmanship and functional beauty.

JNSQ was created specifically for these women and the milestones they are celebrating in their exhilarating lives”.

2. They prefer rosé and sauvignon blanc.

The changing tastes of millennial wine drinkers led the creators of JNSQ to hone its product range and include sweet, fruity notes over the drier tones preferred by older generations.

According to its product description, the sauvignon is “crisp and bright” and the dominant flavors are “apple, lemon and tropical fruit”.

The Message

JNSQ stands for ‘je ne sais quoi’, translating from French to mean a certain intangible attribute of a person or object that gives it its spark. Something it wanted to capture in its national launch campaign.

Lynda states, “it’s a wine made with that same shared quality of je ne sais quoi that makes each of these ladies unique, memorable and unstoppable.”

Traditional marketing channels such as billboards, print ads and event sponsorship played a central role in the campaign, enhancing the messaging. This is unusual for a startup company targeting a digitally-active demographic.

Here’s how it was done.

Billboard & Print Ads

The campaign imagery, centered on the theme of luxury travel, harks back to the popular banners of Paris in the 50s and 60s, aiming to stir feelings of nostalgia amongst its target market.

In particular, retro-looking images of glamourous women travelling in style will appear in Time Square in the coming months. The accompanying caption reading, ‘she’s got that… JNSQ’.  

JNSQ printed advertising campaign
Source: Adweek

Billboard and print advertising placement, in this case, aptly reflects the traditional and authentic look of both the product and imagery.

The images have also been adapted for digital promotion, providing continuity between traditional and digital channels, with the addition of with dynamic elements to provide an extra layer of intrigue.

Event Sponsorship

JNSQ featured ‘on pour’ at California designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte’s Autumn/Winter 2019 fashion show in Los Angeles.

An excellent way to build on its reputation as a desirable product, centered on the same values of high-end luxury held by the world of fashion.

By positioning its product at the heart of the show, The Wonderful Company demonstrated JNSQ belongs in that sphere.  

Why it Worked

By forming a campaign that speaks to millennial women’s desire for luxury, craftsmanship and authenticity, The Wonderful Company has seen remarkable success.

From a sales perspective, JNSQ are three times higher than forecasted, and three times higher than that of The Wonderful Company’s already established wine brands.

Being able to take a product from ideation to reality in a single year is remarkable, and if it continues in this vein it’ll be a dominant player in the U.S. wine market, occupying the space between lower tier brands and more expensive options.

This campaign expertly does what many new businesses struggle with; building a convincing brand story.

This is a challenge for any business – especially one that isn’t actually French, one that doesn’t sell at a ‘luxury’ price range, one that’s less than a year old, and one that’s created by a company renowned for water.

Using traditional (and modern) marketing channels to position its product in the right way, The Wonderful Company have proven JNSQ deserves its place in the luxury bracket.

The brand did this by getting to know its core audience better, speaking to modern millennial women in an aspirational way through a powerful female voice.

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