Just in time for festival season, Kopparberg’s new summer campaign reminds us what we love about it.

Using beautiful visualizations to depict how people come alive while enjoying the outdoors with friends, the symbolic campaign by 18 Feet & Rising expertly evokes the right emotions, forging new connections with the brand.

Aiding its transition from a niche Swedish cider into an aspirational, global brand, here’s why we chose ‘Outside is Ours’ as our May campaign of the month.

The Insight

Consumers see Kopparberg as a drink to be enjoyed outdoors in the sunshine.

This is the insight that fueled the £4m campaign, urging a shift away from past approaches to create a more vibrant, fun and energetic brand image.

“When you ask: ‘What do you think about when you have a Kopparberg?’, most will respond ‘I’m outside, with friends, enjoying the sunshine’, says campaign Creative, Toby Roberts. “We wanted to bring that truth to the forefront, which we did through the strategic platform ‘Outside is Ours’ – human beings taking ownership of outside spaces.

Once we had that, it was a case of how to dramatize it, without holding a mirror up to the audience.”

This vibrant depiction of outdoor life uses aerial sculptures as a visual metaphor for how people come alive when they enjoy time with their friends outdoors.

“Creatively, we realized there was a beautiful metaphor in the way kites come to life when they’re outside, in the same way that people do”, says Toby.

The Message

The marketing campaign acts as a rallying cry, encouraging consumers to claim the outdoors in time for summer to make lasting memories.

Centering around a gathering of cultural tribes and sculptural kites in the South African wilderness, it tells us to come together and make it our own, labeling it:

“A place fueled by you – the wild and the wonderful. A versatile playground where memories were made and all you needed was who you were with.”

Rob Salvesen, Senior Marketing Manager at Kopparberg told the Drum: “Consumers really embrace the product, more than the brand I would say. What we wanted to do is turn that product love into brand love in so much that they start moving away from a liquid affinity to an emotional connection to the brand.”

Why it Worked

Signaling a major shift for the brand, this is a bold move towards the mainstream.

By putting insight at the core of their message, the teams could shape a campaign that’s emotive, engaging and above all, consumer-centric.

Will Thacker, Executive Creative Director at 18 Feet & Rising said: “A generation has adopted Kopparberg as their drink of the summer and we set out to encapsulate that with the new brand positioning, ‘Outside is Ours’. The platform is a big step up for the brand; the ideas are founded in its Swedish roots and love of the outdoors, but also embrace the festival generation.”

By staying true to its roots while finding a way to tap into this evolving audience, Kopparberg could shape its identity as “a mainstream drink of a generation”.

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