As one of the most popular social networks in the world, Pinterest is widely seen as a source of inspiration – a place to discover and plan everything from your next hairstyle to your first tattoo.

A regular feature in the top ten platforms, our latest social media statistics show 32% of the online population outside China have an account on Pinterest, with 28% of those engaging with the platform doing so on a daily basis.

But what Pinterest was interested in for its first major ad campaign was not how many people were using the platform, but why.

A powerful example of a brand using consumer insights to drive meaningful creativity, here’s why we chose ‘What If’ as our June campaign of the month.

Source: Marketing Land

The Insight

84% of people on Pinterest say it helps them learn new things, and 70% of people search, save or click through on Pins to learn more.

With this insight uncovered from their audience research inspiring their creative efforts, the in-house team, alongside advertising icon Janet Champ, decided to tap into this – looking at what really hinders people from ‘learning new things’.

Based on the idea that the biggest barrier to trying new things is self-doubt, the team set out to challenge perceptions around what’s possible.


Source: Marketing Land

The Message

With an array of visual campaigns being spread across Times Square, social media and elsewhere, the ads urge people to rise above their their self-doubt and reimagine the possibilities. 

Featuring real people pushing their boundaries to experience the unordinary, the campaign spreads the message that anything is possible once you set your fears aside and allow yourself to get inspired.

“We want to bring possibilities to life through two simple words: What if.”

Introducing the idea behind the campaign, Brand Writer Mac Hynh explains: “Our What if campaign focuses on vulnerable moments people face in their lives, from everyday to epic, when they’re just about to take a risk. The stakes can feel high any time you try something new, whether you’re wearing bold lipstick, ditching the conventional wedding or breaking free from gender norms. We want to show the transformative power of reimagining risks as possibilities.”


Source: Fast Company

Why it Worked

A great example of a campaign putting brand truth into practice, Pinterest shows us how advertising based on insights can pay off.

Staying true to their brand by keeping it as authentic and visual as possible, the campaign speaks directly to its users and brand followers – telling them exactly what they want to hear.

Cleverly relying on consumer data to shape its brand identity and create a message that moves, it sheds light on what the brand is really all about: Getting inspired.

Like what you’ve read? Get inspired with more insights-driven campaigns like this.

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