Back in 2015, the announcement of “Spotify Running” was the first of its kind to match music choices to user tempo. This fitness focus, alongside integrations into apps like Nike and RunKeeper, make complete sense for Spotify.

In fact, we see that usage of music-streaming services increases with exercise frequency. Over half of Regular Exercisers have used a music-streaming service on their mobile in the last month, a figure which places them well ahead of those who choose to not exercise at all. And even if we focus on the most enthusiastic music streamers – Millennials – we see that Regular Exercisers from this age group are almost twice as likely as non-Exercisers to be streaming music on their smartphones.

With 23% of internet users now using fitness/health apps, there is a clear opportunity for the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and others to integrate with these apps. And doing so is sure to attract more fitness-focused consumers to these music services.

For a definition of these exercise segments, click here.

1 in 2 Regular Exercisers Streaming Music on MobileExplore data in PRO PlatformDownload Device Q1 2017


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