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With so many blockbuster gaming titles set for release by the end of the year, today’s Chart of the Day takes a look at how Console Gamers might be assessing which one to splash out on.

For many, YouTube offers the perfect means of weighing up the look of a new game to see whether it meets their expectations. Indeed, look at YouTube’s videos on upcoming gaming titles and there’s an extensive list of fan-made videos picking apart the trailers to get an idea of what’s to come upon release.

That this audience are 50% more likely to research products via vlogs (13% do), and 35% more likely to use video sites for brand research (24% do) is key here. This gives some indication of why services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have gained such enthusiastic audiences in this community.

1 in 3 Console Gamers Watch Game Trailers on YouTubeExplore data in PRO Platform


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