With 3 in 4 internet users interested in blocking mobile ads, the potential for this behavior to go mainstream is clear. Today, we thus look at one reason why many people are choosing to employ blockers: concern over data allowances.

As our chart makes clear, using mobile ad-blockers to preserve data allowances sees its strongest figures among fast-growth regions – a reflection of the limited mobile data plans in many of their markets. With online adults in APAC being at the forefront of mobile ad-blocking, it makes sense that many popular ad-blocking apps stemming from this region tend to frequently remind users of the data saved by using the app.

Europe and North America – where data allowances are usually more generous – are typically more concerned with the battery life on their mobile being drained by ads. European internet users are also ahead for employing blockers due to concerns over personalized ads based on their browsing history.

All this acknowledged, however, it’s worth remembering that ad-overload is actually the strongest motivator behind this behavior, something which holds true across all demographic splits.

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