With half of internet users visiting the cinema at least once a month, the potential for marketers to reach digital consumers through pre-film ads or in-film product placement is clear. But what about getting them to see a film in the first place?

Each month, a quarter of Cinemagoers are posting opinions about films online, demonstrating the opportunity to encourage and generate hype around upcoming movies. And while the youngest Cinemagoers are the keenest to share their opinions (3 in 10 16-24s are film reviewers), figures remain substantial across all age groups except 55-64s.

With close to 40% of Cinemagoers following actors on social media, this is likely to be one place where many of these opinions are being posted (particularly when we consider that half the Cinemagoers who post about films online say they use social media to share their opinions).

For more insights on Cinema Goers, download our free infographic here.

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