With Google’s new messaging app Allo boasting a number of “smart”, search-related AI features, today we assess its potential by looking at those who say they turn to mobile apps for product research.

Globally, it’s almost 1 in 4 online adults who say they do this, climbing to around 3 in 10 among 16-34s. By gender, men are more likely to be engaging in this activity than women, giving some indication of where Allo may find its most enthusiastic user base.

From a regional perspective, it’s in APAC (29%) where we see the highest figures. However, the dominance of WeChat in China (together with the restrictions on Google’s services in this nation) mean that this country will be hugely challenging for any new entrants. As a result, it’s in this region’s other markets, as well as in the Middle East & Africa, where Allo could have the most potential.

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