As multiple rumors about a new Apple TV continue to do the rounds, today’s chart looks at media consumption behaviors by age.

Convert daily time spent on media activities to percentage shares and there are clear age-based patterns for most of the genres tracked in our chart. So, 16-24s lead the field for gaming and also have a clear lead for online.

But it’s linear TV which is particularly interesting here. Currently, just 16% of media time among 16-24s is devoted to this activity, a figure that rises in each successive age group to hit 35% among 55-64s.

With the opposite trend present for online television – where percentages drop as age increases – it’s pretty clear that viewing behaviors among the younger groups have been impacted the most heavily by OTT services, catch-up TV and streaming devices/sticks. As a result, it’s in these younger groups where the arrival of the Apple TV is likely to cause the biggest waves.

For more detail on this subject, download a free summary of our Digital vs Traditional Media report here. Alternatively, clients can access the full version here.


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