Our midweek post takes a look at how much daily time people are spending online by device.

Currently, PCs, laptops and tablets still account for by far the biggest share (standing at 4.28 hours/70% in 2014). Nevertheless, the ongoing rise of mobile is pretty clear to see, here – up from 1.24 hours in 2012 to 1.81 hours in 2014.

Increasing usage of the mobile internet isn’t coming at the direct expense of other devices, though. There’s been little year-on-year change for PCs, laptops and tablets in terms of hours, indicating that mobiles are encouraging us to spend more time online each day, especially in locations / at moments that we might not have done in the days before smartphones.

For further detail and analysis on this topic – as well as figures across age groups and between countries – check out our Digital vs Traditional Media Consumption report, a summary of which can be download here.


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