Tablets often struggle to challenge mobiles when it comes to on-the-go activities because of their larger size and dependency on Wifi. Nevertheless, within the home they continue to be important second-screening devices.

Almost half of Tablet Users report using their tablet as they second-screen. And aside from social activities while watching TV, tablets appear to hold an advantage when it comes to more purposeful online behaviors. Compared to the average second-screener, Tablet dual-screeners are, for example, 46% more likely to be searching for products to buy, and 77% more likely to be interacting with online content related to the TV show.

With the relative size of the tablet screen making browsing and interactive behaviors easier than on mobile, this audience appears to be second-screening with more intent – making them an appealing audience for advertising and TV-related content.

38% of Tablet Second-Screeners Searching for Products to BuyExplore data in PRO PlatformDownload Device Q1 2017

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