With a third of global internet users saying they have purchased a product from Nike in the last 1-2 years, the brand’s worldwide reach is the largest of all the sports brands tracked by GWI. And with half of these Nike-buying internet users being Millennials, today’s Chart demonstrates how the company’s latest partnership with Instagram is likely to be a success.

The reach of Instagram among this audience is considerable – three quarters of Nike-Buying Millennials are visiting/using Instagram every month, making this one of the most popular social platforms for this audience (behind only YouTube and Facebook).

Nike-Buying Millennials are also notably more likely than the average Millennial to be engaging in brand-related behaviors on the platform; they are 41% more likely to have followed a brand in the last month, and 52% more likely to have commented on brand content.

This willingness for brand-interaction – alongside the brand-loyalty demonstrated by Millennials overall – should make Nike’s new social commerce approach of selling its products in this online space impactful. And this demonstrates how the influence of social-loving Millennials is now transforming the strategies of the sporting goods industry.

4 in 10 Instagrammers are Nike-Buying MillennialsExplore the data in PRO Platform

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