Following their limited edition release, Snapchat’s new Spectacles have rejuvenated the buzz surrounding smart glasses. And with Apple now rumored to be one of the next names to bet big on this tech, today we examine interest in one component that could be crucial to their success: Virtual Reality.

44% of iPhone Owners express an interest in using VR, suggesting there’s a decent level of receptiveness to new forms of tech among the core Apple audience. As might be expected, it’s younger groups who lead the way here, with men and the top income quartile all posting figures around the 50% mark.

Apple has been strengthening and diversifying its product range recently, with the likes of Apple Music and its cloud storage platform providing ever-more important sources of revenue. A move into smart glasses could therefore put another asset under Apple’s belt and, with the company having a history of improving and innovating existing technology, the hype surrounding this tech is unlikely to weaken any time soon.

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