In 2017, GlobalWebIndex will be adding mobile surveying to its quarterly research program across 40 countries. In advance of this, our Mobile Pilot among 85,000 internet users aged 16-64 has revealed key insights about the Mobile-Only audience – those online adults for whom a smartphone or feature phone is their only access point.

We saw in yesterday’s chart that this Mobile-Only audience is concentrated in fast-growth markets, with particular peaks in the Middle East and parts of Asia Pacific. But as our midweek chart today reveals, they are also a predominantly young audience. In fact, close to half of all Mobile-Only Users come from the 16-24 age group. Members of this demographic have long been known as the most enthusiastic adopters of all things mobile, but this data confirms just how many of them are now using phones as their only connected device.

The importance of this age split becomes particularly apparent when it is compared to the profile of Multi-Device Users – just 24% of whom come from the youngest age group. What’s more, while just 3% of Mobile-Only Users are aged 55-64, that rises to 10% among the Multi-Device audience.

That Mobile-Only Users are much more likely to be young and located in emerging markets is a clear sign of why this audience will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. For more information about this data, clients can download our new infographic on the subject here.



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