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Recent developments in the gaming space confirm just how important smartphones have become for this activity. Not only has Nintendo unveiled Miitomo, which will bring Super Mario Bros. to mobiles, but Sony has formed new company ForwardWorks to develop what it calls “full-fledged game titles” for smartphones.

GWI’s latest data confirms why these devices are now critical to the future evolution of gaming. Although close to a third are playing on consoles, it’s over twice that number who are regularly gaming on their smartphones.

As might be expected, that figure is subject to strong age-based variations, with 16-24s leading on 69% and 55-64s trailing behind on just 31%. Equally important is the regional split, which sees Europe and North America lagging considerably behind territories like APAC and LatAm. Little wonder Sony has announced that Asia will be the primary focus for ForwardWorks, then…


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