Although 2015 was a bumper year for cinema ad-spend, 2016 has seen equally impressive growth and, as today’s Chart of the Day shows, this format has a strong potential reach – 6 in 10 internet users are visiting the cinema at least once a month.

It’s the key 16-34 age group who are most likely to be cinema-goers (around 2 in 3 are), with as many as a fifth of 25-34s visiting the cinema once a week or more. Even among the oldest group (55-64s), it’s 3 in 10 frequenting the cinema each month.

So, with such an impressive reach, it’s no wonder that the cinema’s most coveted ad-slot, the ‘Gold Spot’, demands such a hefty price tag – especially when more than a fifth of cinema-goers say they discover brands via ads seen at the cinema.

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