Thursday’s chart takes a look at online commerce behaviors by generation.

Online shopping is now a mainstream activity among internet users of all ages. And, across the board, it’s PCs/laptops which top the table; at least 7 in 10 in each generation are using these devices to buy products online, with their perceived security and functionality benefits being key to this.

For mobiles, we see a dramatically different picture. Despite being almost as popular as PCs/laptops among Millennials, the numbers using them for online shopping decrease in line with age to reach a trough of just 22% among Boomers.

So, mobile-optimization might now be essential in reaching all demographics, but it’s Millennials who you are most likely to lose if the mobile shopping experience is not a positive one.

For more insights on these three Generations, clients can download a new infographic on these audiences on PRO Platform, available next week.

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