Today’s chart explores brand advocacy in the world of tech, an area that is becoming ever more crucial as ad-blocking moves into the mainstream.

Among the 16 names we track in this category, it’s Huawei (60%) that tops the table for active brand advocacy (defined here as people who would write positive reviews or recommend the brand to friends/family). Crucial to this is the role played by Huawei’s home region of APAC: users there are the most likely to endorse the brand. For many of the others in our top 10, Latin America sees a peak, particularly for Samsung users at 73%.

This highlights the key role that C2C recommendations play in LatAm, a region where 2 in 3 internet users say that they regularly inform friends and family on new products and services. Combined with their high engagement with social (over 4-and-a-half hours per day), it’s clear that the region is a productive one for any tech brand looking to expand their reach organically.

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