To mark the release of our latest Social Flagship Report (available here), this week’s series explores a relatively new audience – Social Video Viewers.

Previously we looked at just how mainstream viewing video on social has become; well over half of internet users are now doing this. Younger internet users are by far the most enthusiastic – around 60% of viewers are aged under 34, with a third coming from the 16-24 age bracket.

Some context for this is provided by the fact that these younger consumers are spending the longest on social networks/services each day, and are also more likely to be multi-networkers (increasing the chance of engaging with video).

Unsurprisingly, the numbers viewing video on social networks decrease in line with age, but that almost 20% of these digital consumers are aged 35-44 is not insignificant. The cross-age opportunities provided by video on social are apparent; targeting relevant content to users is thus becoming more essential than ever for brand engagement.

60% of Social Video Viewers aged 16-34Explore data in PRO Platform

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