With mobiles now perceived as the most important device by internet users, it’s no surprise that they have overtaken PCs/laptops across almost all of the online activities tracked by GWI.

This week’s final chart shows one of the areas where they have made the biggest impact: social networking. Unsurprisingly, 16-24s are at the forefront here; nearly 9 in 10 are accessing social networks via their smartphones monthly. Even so, it’s still 65% of 45-54s and 50% of 55-64s who are doing this, underlining the cross-age opportunities that exist for mobile-optimized social campaigns.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean the arrival of a mobile-only landscape, however. Rather, the majority of users are happy to adopt a multi-device approach, with PCs/laptops retaining key importance for many online entertainment and commerce activities. So, it’s mobile-first, rather than mobile-only, with people moving across screens throughout the day.

87% of 16-24s Networking via MobileExplore data in PRO Platform
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