As we explore in our new GWI Social report (download a free summary here), Facebook’s eco-system of services and apps remain the dominant force within the social landscape: it’s some 88% of online adults outside of China who are a member of at least one of its four main services (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram). What’s more, this is a figure that continues to trend upwards on a year-by-year basis.

The demographics are particularly revealing here. Facebook engagement is equal by income and gender but it’s the youngest age group who are furthest in the lead – with a striking 94% of 16-24s belonging to at least one of the four services.

At a country level, there’s further good news for Facebook. Currently, 32 of the 33 markets tracked have at least 75% of online adults using a Facebook service (with 20 of them hitting the 90%+ mark). While that’s impressive enough by itself, it also shows how the services will be able to keep on growing in the years ahead. With Facebook penetration having reached saturation point in many mature countries, fast-growth markets are now the top target for a network which will want to keep reporting quarter-on-quarter increases. In short, while there are few individuals left to convert into new Facebook users in places like the USA or UK, a market like India or Indonesia offers tens, if not hundreds, of millions of potential new Facebookers in the years ahead. And if current trends remain stable, the vast majority of these new internet users are destined to join the Facebook eco-system.

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