It’s easy for digital marketers to get caught up in the hype of the latest industry news updates telling us that 2013 is the year of mobile commerce and that tablets, phablets, smartphone and seamless integration is the future – today! Re-enforced by innovative initiatives such as purchase-by-tweet, the latest drive for Social Commerce for US customers by Twitter & American Express this is the reality for some brands.

This school of thought is however not adopted by everyone where several of the UK’s big high-street technology retailers such as Comet, Jessops and HMV scrambling and closing down after losing out to web-based power houses such as amazon and e-bay.

These two examples represent two very different scenarios for agencies providing strategic solutions for local, regional or global commerce brands, but both share a common requirement: the need for winning the trust of the client by presenting a convincing case that their strategy presents the winning concept. And where it is no longer possible (or advisable) to seek to win the clients trust based on a hunch supported by creative brilliance (or the other way around) you need to stand out from the crowd of talented strategists by delivering relevant, up to date insight about what the current market conditions look like and how your strategic solution it is relevant to their specific brand and target audience – then dazzle them (if you still need to)!

The GlobalWebIndex frameworks solutions are developed to help agencies and brands make educated decisions and strategic recommendations based on consistent data-points comparable across any market and any consumer segment supporting education and/or innovation where necessary. The latest in the framework series, following the Social Engagement Benchmark (SEB) and the soon to be released Brand Discovery Index (BDI) [available 22nd February 2013], the GlobalWebIndex e-commerce Report provides key insight about the link between online and offline purchase decision making and the impact of online consumer reviews.

The framework from which the report was developed presents a clear picture of the landscape for your target audience(s) by segmenting it into four distinct categories – the e-commerce segmentation and clearly sets the foundation from which GlobalWebIndex clients can derive their strategic recommendations for their client – innovative or not, these will be relevant and therefore with your clients best interest at heart.

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