As we finalise mix of markets we will cover in the next 2 years, we wanted to update you on how we assess market inclusion.

Our commitment is to cover as many markets as possible, however, the quality of the data always has to take priority. As we start to expand into regions such as Africa, Middle East and South America, this is becoming more of a challenge to do consistently over each wave of research.

We can always run research in a market but to do so credibly is sometimes not possible. To enable us to judge which markets are viable, we run a set of quality assurance tests:

Test 1: Does the market have more than 5 million internet users? There are two exceptions to this, Hong Kong (not technically a market we know – but still a separate entity in the marketing world) and Singapore, which are strategically interesting and hubs for regional business.

Test 2: Is there a credible local panel provider? This is increasingly a challenge in markets we want to move into, particularly in Africa.

Test 3: Can the provider guarantee a representative sample of online users by age, gender and education? This is critical for delivering our promise of an online representative sample.

Test 4: Can the provider deliver minimum of 2250 unique respondents over 12 months?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then we can consider inclusion. This level of rigour is essential for delivering a set of credible data at a global level and being the benchmark for consumer behaviour online around the world. There are markets that have failed this test, but we actively monitor and evaluate them for future inclusion.

Once passed, we then assess how we launch the market. We can do this directly, or we can launch in partnership with a local agency. This is a model we pioneered in Saudi Arabia by launching with Business Compass (Publicis) in Wave 5. As part of our cooperation, they received single wave local exclusivity on the data, an amazing Saudi specific info-graphic and the rights to activate local PR through events, press releases and local trade press stories. This was extremely successful for both GWI and BusinessCompass.

If you would like to look at this model for new markets, please contact your account manager.

In meantime look out for more exciting news.


The GlobalWebIndex Team”

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