For today’s instalment in our series on the automotive industry, we’re looking at Affluent Car Buyers.

Affluent Car Buyers see money as the best measure of success and are generally confident about the global economy. It’s these baseline characteristics which influence what they want from products and brands. They want premium products, but with a particular focus on the latest tech.

Their interest in tech extends to how they engage with brands. On a personal level, they’re keen brand interactors, over-indexing for all of our tracked digital brand interactions.

3 in 10 watch branded videos, and the same number read branded emails or visit a brand’s social page.

Taking a regional perspective busts a few myths, as Affluent Car Buyers in the West interact more with brands online than the average user in their region, with a quarter in Europe and North America watching branded videos or visiting their social pages.

If we look at what Affluent Consumers specifically want from brands, we can see that what defines them is wanting to move even further beyond these passive brand interactions to have a curatorial relationship. Their two largest over-indexes for what they want from brands are to be able to contribute ideas for new products, or to customize existing ones.

So Affluent Car Buyers are a digital-savvy group, which has two potential implications.

Feature-led marketing could appeal to their desire for the latest tech, while a two-way interaction between brand and consumer throughout the purchase journey would fulfil their need for insight from brands.

Affluent Car Buyers are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who fall into the top income bracket and are planning to purchase an automobile in the next six months.

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