Continuing our series of charts on Affluent Consumers, today we look at the potential of social media as a brand touchpoint.

Social is pivotal to Affluent Consumers’ online lives. 99% are social media users and on average they spend almost two and a half hours a day on social services. YouTube (86%) just beats out Facebook (83%) for visitation, but it’s the over-indexes that are worth particular attention here.

With over-indexes for names like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s clear that visual networks allow brands to showcase a premium brand image and values – something which works well for this status-minded audience (who are 36% more likely to say they tend to buy the premium version of a product and 31% more likely to say they like to stand out in a crowd).

Social channels can translate to the purchase journey as well, with 37% using social networks to research products. It’s an even more important medium in fast-growth markets, where Affluent Consumers skew younger and are more engaged with social.

With social such a good opportunity to find Affluent Consumers and engage them directly, it’s little wonder that Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands have recently added chatbots to their marketing portfolio, allowing them to direct a consumer to more information, or a suggested purchase, as they research.

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