As we saw in one of last week’s charts, digital consumers now own an average of 3.64 connected devices – a metric which continues to increase each year.

Simultaneously, we’ve also seen rises in the number of devices being used to get online. On average, digital consumers are now accessing the web via 2.71 devices. That’s up from 2.25 in 2012, with significant numbers moving beyond PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets to connect via smart TVs/streaming sticks, wearables and games consoles.

As many of these products become more affordable and/or widespread, it’s evitable that this figure will rise still further. In turn, attempting to track an individual across their devices will be even more challenging, with personally identifiable information gaining more and more ground over more traditional cookie-based approaches.

To explore this topic in more detail, you can download a free summary of GWI Device here, with clients able to access the full version here.

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