Following on from yesterday’s Chart of the Day looking at the main influences in the B2B purchase journey, today we dive into the impact of social in this space.

LinkedIn may be the most obvious place to find these business-focused consumers (and indeed half are using this platform) but they are also significantly more likely to be using Twitter each month too (6 in 10 are).

A company’s social profile is an important influencer when businesses are purchasing products/services, and that this audience of B2B Buyers is 70% more likely to be following business people on social media gives some indication of how it can be an ideal marketing channel to encourage conversations, especially as 4 in 10 say they use social media to network for work.

B2B Buyers are 26% More Likely to Use TwitterExplore data in PRO PlatformGet the GWI Social Q1 2017 Report

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