Capping off this week’s series previewing our latest Entertainment report (download a free copy here), today’s chart looks at how entertainment makes it mark in the final stage of the purchase journey – the brand advocacy stage.

Some 16% cite the prospect of getting access to exclusive content or services like music and videos as an important reason to endorse a brand. In line with their enthusiasm for entertainment more broadly, 16-24s hit a high of 19%, with these figures then dropping among older age groups.

With their younger online populations, the appeal of exclusive content is greatest in the markets of APAC, LatAm and the Middle East & Africa. North America and Europe may lag behind here, but among younger age groups in these regions, entertainment content is indeed an important advocacy driver. To take an example, valuing exclusive content as a brand advocacy motivator jumps by 8 percentage-points (to 20%) among younger groups in Europe.

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