Continuing this week’s insights into the voice search trend, today’s chart explores how brands looking to utilize voice technology need to focus on maximizing the usefulness of their services rather than just moving with the novelty of this innovation.

By asking those who currently use a voice-controlled smart speaker at home or used a voice search tool last month to choose what they most want their favorite brands to do or provide (max 3 answers), we gain some insight into what consumers from this segment are looking for from brands.

Alongside innovation, it’s around 1 in 5 who say they most want brands to be able to improve their knowledge or help organize their daily lives. By leveraging the functionality of voice assistant devices, brands can effectively fulfil these needs. Allergy brand Zyrtec did this well with its AllergyCast skill on Alexa, informing hay fever sufferers of the weather conditions before leaving the house.

It’s also significant that Voice Tech Adopters over-index for most wanting personalized recommendations at 15%. The personalization trend may only become more relevant here as voice tech moves deeper into the realms of ecommerce. Providing a personalized experience, whether that be relevant advertising or suggestions for a top brand or product, saves consumers time and effort, and can turn traditionally inactive shoppers into brand loyalists through inspiration.  

With our data showing that 35% of internet users say they plan to purchase a voice-controlled smart assistant device in the next 6 months, adoption is set to continue to grow. Brands need to ensure they are hitting the right note with consumers if they are to take on this new technology, bringing skills and services that are genuinely helpful and maximize the feeling of ease that voice tech can create.

Voice Tech Adopters are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who used a voice search or command tool last month, or currently use a voice-controlled smart assistant/speaker.

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