In a new addition to GWI’s Core research, we now ask respondents about their TV viewing habits (whether that’s in their home, office, while traveling or in any other location). Today, we kick off a short series of charts exploring this new question by focusing on rates of live TV engagement around the world.

Regionally, all areas post figures approaching the 90% mark, with online adults in Europe being the most avid of all. This becomes particularly clear if we look at weekly watching, where Europe tops the table on 77% – a reflection of the continued attachment to more traditional media in this region.

Interestingly, there’s a fairly eclectic mix of markets which are at the forefront of the live TV viewing trend, with the likes of Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil and Japan all featuring in the top 15 countries. While strong attachments to linear TV drives live TV viewing engagement in the mature markets listed, in many fast-growth markets a pronounced enthusiasm for online TV (primarily via PCs/laptops and mobiles) ensures their place at the top of the list.

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