Recently, Vivendi announced that it had purchased a majority stake in video-sharing site Dailymotion – with the site valued at almost $300 million.

Around since 2005, Dailymotion hasn’t so far managed to build the type of audience that long-term rival YouTube can boast. So, while 8 in 10 internet users outside of China are currently visiting YouTube each month, just 14% are doing the same with Dailymotion. What’s more, almost all (97%) Dailymotion visitors are also regular users of YouTube; clearly, finding a Dailymotion loyalist is rare.

Even so, there’s plenty of good news for the monetization prospects of Dailymotion. Each month, 8 in 10 Dailymotion visitors are paying for some form of digital content. Music downloads top the list here – 4 in 10 buy at least one each month – but Dailymotion visitors are also twice as likely to be regularly paying for a TV/film streaming service (30% do each month).


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