Desktop data access

After launching last year it quickly became apparent that many of our users are not market researchers by trade, but strategists, planners and PR professionals.

It was for this reason that we decided to develop the current incarnation of the online research platform. It was designed to allow the sourcing of global statistics easily, without having many years of data analysis experience.

We also want to enable organisations that have dedicated research resource to do more with the data, so from Wave 3 will make the data available in IMS Clear Decisions.

This will be available in all offices that have an online licence. There is an additional annual charge of £3K per organisation to cover the costs of data processing and delivery. If you are a current IMS subscriber this is the only cost. If you are not a current user of IMS we can arrange as many licences as you need. These work on a per desk basis and are £1.3K per annum. All support, training and installation are delivered by IMS.

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