To celebrate the release of the first of our brand new Market Reports, our midweek blog looks at media consumption behaviors from a regional perspective.

Overall, digital consumers are now spending an average of over 6 hours per day on the internet – a figure which equates to more than 50% of daily media time. This figure can vary dramatically across the regions, though, from a high of 7.87 hours in LatAm and MENA to a low of just 5.90 hours in Europe.

That fast-growth nations and regions typically have internet populations skewed towards young, urban and affluent demographics – who are therefore at the very forefront of digital engagement – is one of the main reasons behind these differences.

But that’s certainly not the whole story: just look at consumption of traditional/linear TV, and it’s clear that it remains most popular in North America and Europe. In fact, North Americans are currently watching about 1.75x as much linear TV each day as their counterparts in APAC.

Across all countries, one trend which is much more consistent is that linear TV still outpaces online television by quite some distance. Nevertheless, that consumers are already watching 0.72 hours of online TV per day – and far more in certain markets – is very much a sign of things to come.

The first of our new Market Reports, UK  & USA, are now available to download.


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