As part of this week’s series marking the release of our new Entertainment report (download a free copy here), today’s chart explores VPN usage as a route to access restricted entertainment content.

Our data shows that it’s now 1 in 5 internet users globally who are employing these tools on a monthly basis, with the strongest motivation among these VPN users being to bypass geo-restrictions to access better content available elsewhere (52% say this motivates them to use a VPN).

From a regional perspective, it’s in APAC where this trend is most pronounced. In fact, all of the top five markets sit within the region, with as many as 62% of VPN users in Thailand selecting entertainment access as a key motivation.

Particularly striking is just how far behind Europe and North America sit for this figure. Broader age profiles among VPN users is a contributing factor here, but also internet users in these regions have far less of a need to circumvent restrictions when their content libraries are already superior.

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