This question was added to the Marketing Implications section in Q2 2012 as one of several questions designed to advise how brands can inspire consumers to become online advocates.

Question Context: The Rise of the Digital Brand Experience

Prior to the internet, brand communication largely consisted of one-way advertisements. Today’s online platforms allow for two-way interactions that enable consumers to define how brands can add value to their lives. In an era where the top 25 “meaningful brands” outperform stock markets by 120 percent-on par with top hedge funds-brands can use the internet to show what they stand for.

Gone are the days of brands-as-advertisers selling to passive audiences. Today, that audience adds input online that has reversed the top-down corporate hierarchy. “Brand utility” in the 21st century creates consumer benefit and service simultaneously. When successful, this leads to genuine brand value, an extensive network of brand ambassadors and increased market share. In a world where active brand advocates are an essential communications asset, listening and responding to their needs is a must.

Key Insights

Our research has shown that “consumer reward” is crucial for brand ambassadorship. When asked how crucial rewards are, two opposite age groups-16-24s and 55-64s-scored an almost identical 68% and 65%, respectfully. Brand relevance via access of content or insider knowledge is also a must, as all age groups value brand involvement and relevancy.

Interestingly, brand ambassadors are more concerned with creating genuine relationships with brands directly, rather than interacting with other brand ambassadors. They prefer to connect directly with brands via online platforms.

Using this data

A top online experience demands detailed consumer insight that demonstrates knowledge of who a brand’s unique audience is, how they prefer to be engaged and how that brand serves meaningful purpose in their lives. Our data is designed for this exact purpose-to inform those at the helm of brands, suggesting the most successful ways to engage target audiences online. Such market research plays a vital role in creative idea development, communications strategy and media implementation.

Building a successful digital brand experience demands detailed consumer insight and solid strategy. Our data is designed to offer insight into how engagement with a target audience can be most effective, and what assets or mechanics should be developed. This would play a role in strategy or creative idea development, but could also impact communications strategy and media implementation.

Finding the Data

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