The first of a series short reports utilising our data to highlight key trends and insights. We created this series to demonstrate the power of the Global Web Index but this is only a small proportion of the research. Anyone wanting a deeper dive to the interesting world of social media and technology can access the data at a subscription basis.

The Key Facts In This Report (feel free to share and use) are:

  1. Globally, the Internet is still primarily a task based tool serving functional needs. People use it to make more informed purchase decisions, find news, find products, entertain and educate themselves
  2. Looking specifically into social drivers, the more involved motivations such as creating content or publishing opinions are still niche
  3. Fast growing internet markets are inherently more social and involved, sharing content and opinions across all social platforms such as blogging, micro-blogging and uploading video. This trend is reflected across all age groups
  4. Content is increasingly more important motivation for online usage


Written by

Ali Little is Chief Operating Officer at GWI. Having spent several years working at media agencies OMD and UM, as well as client-side at Electronic Arts, he now dedicates his time to building robust data products and services that power marketing that works.

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