It’s always great for GWI data to be used and cited in books. We see it as a real validation of our research.

So when Sandy Carter, IBM’s Vice President of Social Business Evangelism, asked us if she could cite our data in her new book “Get Bold”, we were delighted to accept.

Unsurprisingly, there is a growing volume of books on social media and we’ve read a good many of them. The collective view here at GWI was that “Get Bold” was one of the books you should pick up first because it focuses on how to integrate social into the fabric of your business, an idea we regard as crucial to a successful business strategy.

To accomplish this, Sandy focuses entirely on implementing a social business by moving beyond the idea that social media as another marketing channel and ensure that social technologies are used throughout a business to improve all aspects of business operations. The power of social technologies to transform the way organisations operate from HR to product development to sales will deliver massive positive benefits for those willing to “get bold” as Sandy says. Embracing social business delivers more consumer focus, happier staff, better products, excellent service and ultimately, greater profits.

Get Bold tackles the huge challenge of implementing a social business via a logical framework, ideas and great case studies.

IBM is often cited as a company leading the way in social business, and Sandy’s energy and passion for social business clearly shows why. You can pick up a copy at Amazon, and it is, of course, available on Kindle.

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