On Thursday the 21st of February GlobalWebIndex’s Director of Consulting, Brett Petersen, presents insights from the latest GlobalWebIndex framework, the “Brand Discovery Index (BDI)” which is designed to help planners, strategists and researchers with an understanding of how to prioritise offline channels vs. digital channels such as social media, search, owned websites, content, etc within the purchase journey.

What is the Brand Discovery Index (BDI)?

In a world where we are bombarded with media and advertising from every angle, it is increasingly important to understand how people are actually discovering our brands, products and services. In order to build a holistic picture how specific types of people find and discover brands, we created the Brand Discovery Index. The BDI consists of two major components that only the GWI dataset can fulfil: offline and online.

These components are then broken down further into their constituent parts. For example within the online BDI, we are able to identify the specific importance of social media, search, owned websites, content, etc. that exist within the purchase journey for any consumer segment across the globe. The ultimate objective of the BDI is to help our clients better understand their purchase funnel dynamics and allocate their resources appropriately.

The GlobalWebIndex Brand Discovery Index Webinar takes place on the 21st February at 8am GMT (Session 1) and 4pm GMT (Session 2) which will broadcast live via YouTube and Google+ Hangouts

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