As we have had a number of emails and enquiries regarding the nature and connection of the Digital Life (DL) report published by our client TNS to that of GlobalWebIndex, we would like to take the opportunity to ensure you of the following:

a) There is no connection, similarity, or conflicting interest between the two products

b) Even though Lightspeed research is the panel provider for both products, GWI maintains its independence and autonomy, and utilises only internal expertise for the survey development, briefing, interpretation, and distribution of the data and output

After looking at the DL website and their product positioning ourselves, we can see the perceived similarities and understand where the confusion might be coming from. We, therefore, want to highlight the key features that differentiate GWI from all the other industry tools and market reports, including that of DL:

– GlobalWebIndex is an online strategy and insights tool and not a static report.

– GlobalWebIndex analysis and output is at the control of the user, not that of the provider.

– GlobalWebIndex is powered by ongoing market research (from 2011 with 3 waves of data per year) and it is not a one-off or annual market research study.

– GlobalWebIndex only covers markets that can guarantee statistical reliable samples.

– GlobalWebIndex follow strict guidelines on acceptable minimum sample sizes (2,250 per market per year) to secure subsequent volume when drilling down to niche audiences and local markets selections.

– GlobalWebIndex is designed to give you the ability to build completely customised targets as well as drill down in detail into all areas of online behaviour, instead of giving you a “birds eye” view.

We are delighted that all of you have not only renewed but expanded your relationship with GWI, since our launch year. For us this is the biggest confirmation that what GWI brings to the market is what your business needs and that guides how we continue to develop the product. On a similar note, we want to remind you that there are more exciting changes coming to our platform, which we hope will make your research even more exciting and inspiring, and further enhance the user experience to enable you to gain greater insight from the tool.

We are working hard to achieve our goal of being the independent global standard for understanding your audience, brand, and category online.

Looking forward to your questions and comments

The GWI Team!

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