GWI’s new segmentation assigns respondents to various groups based upon their attitudes, ranging from world-views and self-perceptions right through to their purchasing preferences and relationships with technology.

It’s the Privacy Conscious group which posts by far the strongest results here. 6 in 10 internet users fall within this cohort, displaying just why privacy tools like VPNs, anti-trackers and ad-blockers are becoming mainstream among more tech-savvy digital consumers and could soon be widespread among the general online population too.

These segments also confirm the importance of an aspirational and status-based positioning for brands. While there may be 14% in the Economical group (those for whom the price is more important than the brand name and who always try to find the best deals for a product), digital consumers are much more likely to fall into the Status Seeker and Aspirational segments.

Download an explanation of GWI’s new Attitudinal Segmentation here.

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