Yesterday, we saw that nearly a quarter of online Americans aged 16-64 are interested in purchasing Google Glass when it hits the market.

Here we drill down into this interest a little further, examining the 13% who say they definitely intend to buy the device.

There are some predictable peaks: men outpace women, the top income group is ahead of the others, and urban populations are more interested than those living in other environments.

Younger age groups are also ahead of average, although 25-34s lead the 16-24s.

So far, so expected.

But arguably the more interesting patterns emerge when we turn our attention to attitudinal groups. People who think of themselves as brand-conscious or as taking risks are more likely than average to want Google Glass. And perhaps most tellingly, the highest interest levels are found among those who see money as a sign of success or who like to stand out in the crowd. That some early adopters will be using Google Glass as a status symbol thus seems clear.

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