Sorry for the lack of communication regarding the state of our GWI.7 research wave, but rest assured!

For 2012, we’ve shifted back the dates of the first wave of research to March/April in order to evenly space waves throughout the year. Everything is now underway, and we’re currently in the middle of our fieldwork process. We’re adding a few new markets in case you are not aware as well! Thailand, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan are all joining the GlobalWebIndex from GWI.7, but this has also meant that the fieldwork process takes just a bit longer. We’re scheduled to finish fieldwork at the end of April, and will begin our data checking and verification immediately. The next step is getting it all into the GWI tool, and it will finally be available to subscribers by mid-May!

In additional to our new countries, we’ve added in a few new things into the survey. We’ll get the first data on Pinterest with GWI.7, and we’ll also see if those Google+ trends from GWI.6 are confirmed! Based on Google’s new 170 million user figure for the social network, we suspect they will be. Finally, we’ll have the latest GWI.7 Trends report out in June.

In short, lots coming up so stayed tuned!

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