GWI.7 is about to be released and below you will find a re-cap of updated delivery timelines, upcoming analysis platform updates and customisation options;

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Amended timeline: Quarterly delivery

  • We have made an adjustment in our research delivery timeline to better future proof our research process delivering quarterly data
  • This was primarily driven by the growing length of time it takes to field in a growing number of markets. We are no longer able to pin the data collection to a specific month. For example Q2 data was instigated in February and fielded across April, May and closed in June.
  • We will now deliver a data set for Q3 and Q4 for the remainder of 2012
  • This is also great news for clients who are running re-contacts and or integrating tracking

Analysis Platform Update:

  • We are scheduled to release a new “Express View” which has a number of predefined reports which can be populated with pre-existing audiences across mobile, demographic, social etc
  • We have also removed the tabs that allowed you to add in question 2, 3 and 4. This was based on client experience demonstrating that they added complexity to the process, without much user benefit

Growing customisation:

  • We are delivering a growing number of re-contact studies for clients, linking custom data to our core data set.
  • These have been a mix of quantitative studies, online focus groups and one-to-one interviews.
  • Re-contacts provide ability to cross-reference your respondents answer options to the entire GWI data set. This presents a unique and cost effective solution whereby short ad-hoc studies present the ability to deliver detailed demographic & psychographic segmentation together with attitudinal and behavioural data across 31 countries.

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