In March we will be releasing a new report exploring our new and updated time spent data. This now provides a cross-platform viewpoint of time, transcending beyond traditional media silos

The initial analysis for this report is proving fascinating, with some of the following insights standing out:

  • Internet users in the USA watch 3.6 hours of TV a day on average, more TV than any other nation on earth
  • Internet users in China watch the least TV, just 1.4 hours a day. However, they watch more TV or video online than any other nation, with an average of 1.1 hours a day
  • In all markets except France, Germany and Netherlands internet time via PC and mobile exceeds a combination of offline media, including TV, Radio and Press
  • Fast-growth emerging internet markets spend more time online, with Malaysia leading the way with 7.3 hours a day, followed by Philippines and UAE on 6.9, Indonesia and Thailand on 6.7 and South Africa on 6.6
  • The two leading mobile internet markets in terms of time spent per day are Saudi Arabia and UAE, an average of 2.2 hours and 2 respectfully
  • The top 3 markets for time spent social networking per day are the Philippines (averaging 2.8 hours), Argentina (2.7 hours) and Brazil (2.7 hours)
  • In 5 of the 31 markets we track, users spend more time on average social networking than watching TV. These markets demonstrate the global opportunity of social media, with Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, UAE and Vietnam making up the top five.

We now collect time spent data for the following, based on a typical day:

  1. TV
  2. Online via PC
  3. TV / Video Online
  4. Social Networking
  5. Radio
  6. Online via Mobile
  7. Radio Online
  8. Forums / Message Boards
  9. Physical Print
  10. Games Consoles
  11. Blogging

Below is an initial output looking at the average time spent for our global internet users from GWI.8 (Q4 2012):

It proves to be a fascinating and valuable report that ultimately underlines the need for increased marketing investment outside traditional media channels.

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