Traditional networking activities on social media like sharing posts or photos with friends may still retain an important role, but our data shows that other more purpose-driven activities are increasingly taking precedence.

Kicking off this week’s series on influencer marketing, today we explore the role of celebrities and other well-known individuals on social media and who is most receptive to these influencers.

Almost 60% of internet users are Celebrity Networkers.

This means they use social media to keep up with celebrities, or that they follow actors, comedians, singers or TV presenters on these platforms. Younger internet users are a lot more likely to fall under the Celebrity Networker segment, with 16-24s more than twice as likely as 55-64s, for example.

It’s these younger consumers who are also more likely to be using the more visual social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat which are primed for showcasing lifestyle content; an area in which influencer marketing has made a solid base.

It’s also clear that this is not just a form of networking reserved for females.

More than half of online males fall within the Celebrity Networker segment too.

APAC and LatAm are significantly ahead of all other regions, but if we rebase this among 16-24s, then we see figures in all other regions spike to around the 70% mark too.

The explosion of influencers on social media has meant that it’s not just musicians and movie stars which consumers are choosing to follow. Understanding the interests and other behaviors of these consumers is key to exposing them to the type of influencers which may appeal to their lifestyles, giving brands the opportunity to partner with these influencers in a transparent and relevant fashion.

Celebrity Networkers are defined as those who use social media to keep up with celebrities, and follow actors, comedians, singers or TV presenters on these platforms.

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