Today we are releasing a brand new infographic that explores the reality of how 36 key Internet behaviours play out across multiple devices. The data displayed looks at active usage in the past month. For ease of interpretation these have been broken down into four key categories: Social, Publishing, Content and Services / Apps.

When interpreting this infographic it is very important to understand that the percentage scores relate to the users of that device, rather than the percentage of the total Internet population. For example, 70% of mobile Internet users checked the weather online in the past month, versus 68% of Tablet users and 60% of PC users. We display the data in this way so that the relative behavioural profile of each device can be understood.

This cross-device view is an absolutely fundamental aspect of our data and highlights for the first time the importance of tailoring behaviours to device. Using data that does not provide this total view will sell your strategy short.

If we drill down into the data, the key fact you need to know is that tablet users are the most active online, leading in over 27 behaviours. Further analysis demonstrates that the majority of these are content-related.

While tablets still have a much lower reach than PC or Mobile, as our recent ‘Stream Device: Q1 2013’ report shows, they are the quickest growing by 282% since Q1 2011.

In short, the tablet is shaping up to be the future of rich content and a real threat to traditional media technology, which has major impacts for marketers and content producers everywhere.

There are a wealth of unique insights in this infographic, but some highlights include:

– Watching video is the number 1 behaviour on all devices

Mobile is the lead photo publishing device

– E-Commerce still has a PC skew

RSS is a dead technology in the mass market

Overall, we need to stop focusing on one device at a time and recognise that multi-screen engagement is the reality. This holds true for the data you use, the strategies you develop and the advertising or content you deliver.

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