We’ve just added a new segmentation for all our Wave 4 subscribers.
You can find it under Create your audience> Web Behaviour> Behavioural Segmentation.
Or in Market Analysis> Online Activities> Online Behaviour> Behavioural Segmentation.

We have created 5 profiles of users according to their engagement in social media.

1. Creators. This user regularly writes on blogs or websites, he promotes them actively either on Micro-blogs or social networks and he uploads videos. This profile accounts for about 21% of our global sample. It is the most skewed towards young educated males and with a fairly low income.

2. Sharers. This profile is focused on sharing other people’s content. He acts as an amplifier using social bookmarks services (such as Delicious) or by promoting content on their Micro-blog or social network. If you are into viral campaigns, this is the profile to target. It accounts for about 35% of our global sample. Just slightly older than the Creator and still skewed towards educated males tends to fall in a slightly higher income bracket.

3. Reviewers . This user posts reviews and opinions all around the web: forums, social networks, blogs and dedicated websites. He is older than the previous two segments, 35 on average. 55% males and with a slightly lower education then the previous two. This is the wealthiest segment with a 27% of them in the top bracket.

4. Socialisers This is the only profile which is slightly skewed towards females (51.4%). They use the web to stay in touch with friends, chat and send messages. They are 43% of our global sample; with a mean age of 34, slightly skewed towards high income and with a good education (46% at University level).

5. Passives This is the oldest and less educated segment with an average age of 39 and only 35% holding a University degree. They hardly publish anything online whether it is a story or just a status update. They limit themselves to just reading without much interaction. Although passive, they are quite a big group: 54% of our global sample.

You can use these profiles to create audiences but note that they are not mutually exclusive. We believe that one person may belong to more than one segment at different times. Also, this segmentation shouldn’t be read as a ladder or a set where one profile includes one or more of the others.

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