We often hear so much about how important digital channels are by themselves whether its social or content or mobile or search. Yet, there is often only anecdotal evidence to support such claims or each of the channels are analysed in isolation without considering the impact they have on each other. This is the main reason we created the Brand Discovery Index (BDI). The BDI provides us not only with a metric to analyse the relative importance of offline versus online brand discovery channels but also gives us the chance to analyse the importance of all of the components of the digital brand discovery process.

Applying the BDI

When applying the BDI to the GWI country set, we’ve found significant distinctions in the way that consumers in each market find brand, products and services. In mature markets such as the US and Western Europe, we see lower levels of usage of both offline and online channels. Digging deeper, we’ve found that this can be explained through higher levels of brand loyalty along with continued reliance on traditional forms of brand discovery such as advertising.

In emerging markets, we see a different picture, however, with many South East Asian countries relying heavily on multiple offline and online channels to discover new brands and services. This coincides with the fact that consumers is these markets are far more open to trying new brands and products than in other markets.

Moving Forward

In the BDI report, we’ve explained how to build the Brand Discovery Index using GWI data. This will allow GWI Pro Level members to reconstruct the BDI for any target audience that they’re working with and understand how these channels impact specific brands or consumers. Click here to access the full-version of the BDI report to access the country level insights and understand how you can apply it.

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