The GlobalWebIndex consulting team is proud to introduce a new series of reports under the theme “Knowing your customer”. In short, the new series will consist of a series of country reports designed to help businesses of all types understand their key customer segments online in each individual market.

The “Knowing your customer” series has been inspired by the idea that social media engagement is not about building up followers or a mountain of likes. Social media engagement by brands needs to be more human than the metrics because, in the end, social media is about human connections. And as with any other human connections, it takes time and effort to get to know someone. That is why we are preparing this series of reports, and hopefully, out clients can use the data and insights contained within to better understand who their customers or potential customers are as people. With that knowledge, we hope that services and strategies can be developed that focus not on how what brands want to do via social media but instead, how brands can deliver what their customers need when and where they need it. In that way, they can truly build personal relationships, even on public social media sites.

The second report in this series covers social media behaviour in Italy and will allow readers to gain insight into key demographic segments and start to put themselves into the shoes of their customers’ online lives. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the report. Enjoy!

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