As Samsung is set to launch its Galaxy S9 flagship at Mobile World Congress 2018 at the end of the month, today’s chart looks at future mobile brand consideration among Samsung Owners who agree that once they find a brand they like, they tend to stick to it.

When asked which brand(s) would be a top choice for their next handset, around 3 in 4 of these Samsung Owners choose Samsung, saying they’ll consider the brand. Apple’s iPhone sits in second place here, with a much lower figure of 1 in 3.

Of those who don’t choose the brand, these consumers are 26% more likely than the average Samsung Owner to agree that owning the latest technological products is important to them (2 in 3 do) – suggesting that they perceive other competitor brands to offer features above and beyond that of which Samsung currently do. This could change when the new model hits the market.

And the demand for the iPhone is also greatest among these consumers who suggest they’ll be moving away from Samsung in the future, offering an insight into the fierce competition between the two brands to stay ahead in innovation.

For more insights into the mobile marketplace, our latest device flagship is available here.

Loyal Samsung Owners are defined as internet users aged 16-64 who currently own a Samsung mobile and agree that once they find a brand they like, they tend to stick to it.

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